Mitsurugi Furan
Mitsurugi sprite
Japanese Name 御剣 風蘭
Romanized Name みつるぎ ふうらん
English Name Mitsurugi Furan
Voice Actor 福原 綾香
Birthday May 19th
Gender Female
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Pink
Occupation Researcher, teacher

Misurugi Furan is a character from Battle Girl High School. She is one of the top Hoshimori students and is a teacher of the current generation. Furan also works at a Ramen place, as a blacksmith and she crafts weapons.


Furan has long dirty blonde hair worn in a wavy ponytail held by hair. Her long bangs are wavy and spread out. She has slanted dark pink eyes usually half closed.

Her attire consists of a red and black button shirt, denim pants, and red pumps. She wears a white and black trench-coat over this.

When she was younger her hair was much shorter and worn in a ponytail with several braids.


In the past appeared to possess traits of a "delinquent", showing that fighting was her way to relieve stress. However, she is just as girly as most, and deep down dreams of someday becoming a bride. In her spare time Furan lazes around.


  • Her favorite food is anything she can eat with her fingers.
  • She pretends like she doesn't care about boys at all, but the truth is that she's very interested in them.
  • Her dream for the future is to become a bride, however, she knows that she'll only be laughed at, so she keeps it silent.
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