Minigames main menu

The MiniGames section is the multiplayer mode of Battle Girl High School. The game allows 3 different players to play MiniGames together.

This menu consists of 6 different sections:

  • 1: Check the news regarding MiniGames;
  • 2: Quick Match. Play a random MiniGame with random people online;
  • 3: Private Match. Play a MiniGame with friends online;
  • 4: Check all the information regarding MiniGames;
  • 5: Prize Roulette. Get a random prize by soending 100 BP each time you spin the roulette;
  • 6: Enter Co-op mode, where you can fight monsters with up to 2 other people.






1: News Edit

Screenshot 20180814-125711

Here you can view the news regarding everything about MiniGame mode such as new prizes in the roulette.









2: Quick Match Edit

Tap here to start preparing a match to play a MiniGame online with other people around the world.

The moment you tap the icon, spinning text will appear. This is how you select the MiniGame. If you tap the screen, the text will stop spinning and the MiniGame will be chosen. You can also just wait a small number of seconds.

You'll then be given a short amount of time to choose your party. When you're ready, press the pink button. If too much time passes, the button will be automatically pressed.

You'll then see a screen of the players who will play the MiniGame together. The first player from top to bottom is the host. The button at the top-right of the screen allows you to view the rules of the MiniGame, while the button at the bottom-right allows you to send small messages and let your character perform gestures. If you're the host, when all players have connected to the room and are ready to play, a pink button will appear at the bottom of the screen. If you press it, you'll all be sent to a loading screen and then start the MiniGame.

During a MiniGame, you cannot hurt other players, but you can bump into them. When a MiniGame starts you'll be given 1 minute to accumulate as much points as possible. You can view the amount of points you and the other players have cumulated by looking at the colored boxes at the top of the screen. Below them, you can see how much time is left before the MiniGame ends. Next to that you can view a map of the arena, usually containing useful information like the placement of enemies or points. Below the map are indicate the value of each objective. For example, in the MiniGame "Wack-a-mole" you can how much points the different types of moles are worth upon defeat. When the time runs out, you'll all be sent to the podium.


While in the podium if you press the pink buttons below the characters' results you can view the rispective player's profile and party. You can also send them a friend request. Doing so allows you to visit they're own school among other things.

3: Private Match Edit


Tap here to start preparing a match to play a MiniGame with friends online.

When you tap the icon you'll have to choose your role: tap the upper button to be the host or tap the bottom button to join a host.

  • If you're the host, you'll first have to choose between the different MiniGame modes. You can also choose a random mode by tapping on the question mark. You'll then be sent to a screen showing all the players in the room. At the top of the screen a series of numbers is shown. You'll have to send this code to your friends for them to join your room.
  • If you're the client you'll first be presented with a screen that allows you to enter some numbers. Here you'll have to input the code that your friend that acts as host sends you. Once you do that, you'll be able to join your friend's room.

When all players are ready the host can press the pink button at the bottom of the screen to begin playing the MiniGame.

Differently from when preparing a Quick Match, you can go back to each screen whenever you want before entering a MiniGame by tapping the blue arrow at the bottom-left of the screen.

4: About the MiniGames Edit

Screenshot 20180814-130324
Screenshot 20180814-130544

In this section you can view all information about the actual playable MiniGames like the rules and point tiers.

(The dates and hours indicated in the red box indicate when the Multiplayer servers are active. This might seem unnecessary at first glance, but initially, the Multiplayer servers for Battle Girl High School weren't always active, and you could play MiniGames only at a certain time of the day.)

You first have to select the MiniGame you want to know about. You'll then be presented with small cards that explain the rules. While these cards are shown, you can tap the button at the bottom-right of the screen to display the point tiers of each minigame, to know how many points grant how many BP.

Remember that depending on your placement at the end of the MiniGame, your prize will be multiplicated:

  1. st place: x2 BP multiplier;
  2. nd place: x1.5 BP multiplier;
  3. rd place: no multiplier.

Here's a collection of all explanatory card , explained in english, with the respective point tiers:

Images Explanation


  1. Defeat enemies;
  2. Collect the balls they drop;
  3. Launch the balls you've collected in the basket of your color.

To launch balls in the basket, tap the screen. This means that you're not able to attack while you have balls on you.

The white balls are worth 1 point. The red balls are worth 3 points.

You can hold up to 5 balls at the same time.

Depending on the distance from your basket, the success rate of the balls ending up in your basket when you launch them can vary. You can reach a 100% success rate if you stay under your basket.

You can hit other players' baskets to let the balls they've collected fall to the ground.

The balls that are left on the ground are slowly attracted towards the edges of the arena and will then fall off of it.

Point Tiers:

  • S Tier: 20 or more points - Gain 70 BP
  • A Tier: 13 to 19 points - Gain 60 BP
  • B Tier: 8 to 12 points - Gain 50 BP
  • C Tier: 2 to 7 points - Gain 30 BP
  • D Tier: 0 to 1 point - Gain 10 BP


  1. Defeat the enemies;
  2. Collect the stars that they drop.

Upon defeat, an enemy will release 3 stars of your color. The stars will land in random spots of the arena.

Collecting a star of your color is worth 3 points. Collecting a star of other players' colors removes 1 point.

When an enemy is defeated, one or more star they drop may land on a spot occupied by another star. If that's the case, the star that already occupied that spot will disappear.

The arena has a limit of how many stars are in it.

Point Tiers:

  • S Tier: 24 or more points - Gain 70 BP
  • A Tier: 16 to 23 points - Gain 60 BP
  • B Tier: 10 to 15 points - Gain 50 BP
  • C Tier: 2 to 9 points - Gain 30 BP
  • D Tier: 0 to 1 point - Gain 10 BP


  1. Defeat the enemies;
  2. The tile on wich the enemy was defeated will change to your color.

The arena consists of a 4x4 square. This means there are 16 tiles in total.

You can steal other players' tiles by defeating enemies that are placed on them.

Point Tiers:

  • S Tier: 10 or more points - Gain 70 BP
  • A Tier: 7 to 9 points - Gain 60 BP
  • B Tier: 4 to 6 points - Gain 50 BP
  • C Tier: 2 to 3 points - Gain 30 BP
  • D Tier: 0 to 1 point - Gain 10 BP


  1. Moles will move from a hole to another;
  2. Defeat the moles;
  3. -A special item, the Mole Bomb is available only in this minigame: it allows to defeat all the moles in the arena. The purple blonde moles are faster. The armored moles are thougher do defeat.

There's a total of 9 different holes in the arena where the moles can come out of.

You can see the position of each mole even if they're underground by looking at the map at the top-left of the screen.

Normal and armored moles are worth 1 point each. Purple blonde moles are worth 3 points each.

(Moles emit a very loud screm when they're defeated. Lower your volume for you're ears' safety.)

Point Tiers:

  • S Tier: 18 or more points - Gain 70 BP
  • A Tier: 13 to 17 points - Gain 60 BP
  • B Tier: 8 to 12 points - Gain 50 BP
  • C Tier: 2 to 7 points - Gain 30 BP
  • D Tier: 0 to 1 point - Gain 10 BP

5: Prize Roulette Edit

Screenshot 20180814-131204

The Prize Roulette is where you can spend BP to obtain prizes.

Prizes usually consist of upgrade-items used to level up weapons or create them, or gifts.

In order to use the Prize Roulette, simply tap on the orange button. You'll spend 100 of your BPs and the roulette will start spinning. A new button will appear, that you can tap to stop the roulette. The roulette will SLOWLY stop spinning and you'll get a prize in your Prize-Box.

There are actually 3 different tiers of roulettes: as shown at the top of the screen before spinning it. In order to go up a tier, you must win the indicated items by spinning the roulettes. Each tier has different and more-or-less valuable items. If you win the indicated prize in the 3-stars roulette, the tier will reset.

You can speed up the process by rapidly tapping the buttons and the screen.

6: Co-op Mode Edit


This section allows you to play Coperatively with other players online.

This menu contains 7 different sections:

  1. Host a match;
  2. Join a match;
  3.  ???
  4.  ???
  5. See how Co-op works;
  6. Access the Co-op shop;
  7. Go back to the MiniGames menu.







1: Host a match Edit

Screenshot 20180814-131318

When you select this option you'll be brought into the preparations room. Here you can perform a variety of actions before starting a mission.

You can exit the room by pressing the bottom-left cyan button.

Screenshot 20180814-132435

If you tap your character a menu will appear showing the stats of equipped card. In this menu there are 4 main buttons that allow you to, from left to right:

  • change character;
  • equip cards;
  • equip weapons;
  • change outfit.





While in this room you can move your character just as if you were in a mission.

Screenshot 20180814-132601
Screenshot 20180814-132508

If you position yourself near the big computer to the right, you can select a mission.

If you position yourself near the big computer to the left; you can access the Co-op shop, this where you can spend your CP, that you cumulated by playing Co-op mode.

When a mission is selected and all player ready, you can start playing by approaching the door to the wall between the two big computers.

Screenshot 20180814-132611

You can also play alone.

Co-op missions consist of up to 3 players having to defeat a giant monster. The monster has a huge amount of HP and great attack power.

2: Join Match Edit

Here you can join a match by first selecting the mission you want to play. You'll then join other people who want to play the same mission in the preparations room.

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