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Welcome to the BGHS wiki! A wiki dedicated to the smartphone game Battle Girl High-school.

About the game

Battle Girl High-school (バトルガール ハイスクール) is a smartphone game developed by 株式会社コロプラ[1]. It was first released on April 16, 2015.

BGHS is a free-to-play game that combines both Otome and battle elements. You take on the role of the "Sensei" to 15 girls- helping them to rid of the monsters that have invaded Japan; namely "Irousu" (イロウス). These girls attend a school called Hoshimamoru (星守).

Along with the main fighting feature of the game, you can also raise intimacy points with all the girls- eventually unlocking sub-cards and "secrets" (weight, height, hobbies, etc.) that are uncovered at various intimacy levels. A more predominant feature of the game is the "head pets"; a feature which allows you to virtually pet a girls head thus raising her intimacy points.

And the main element of the game is of course the battles. With dungeons that progressively increase in difficulty, to mini-games with other players, and to grind-filled event dungeons, this game is suitable for both the casual and experienced gamer. To kill off enemies, simply tap the screen.

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